meet Holly

Hey, my name is Holly!
I am a wedding and elopement photographer based out of eastern North Carolina. When I’m not celebrating with my incredible clients, you can find me hanging with my mans, Drew, and our three kitties, Maggie, Goldie, and Biggie Paws. I wear entirely too much black and I LIVE for a good meme. I’m a dreamer and I laugh way too loud. I’m an artist to the core and am always chasing the perfect sunsets. I actually really do love long walks on the beach and taking each day and every moment as it comes, without trying to force perfection in my life. I love the mess that is real life. I think that this alone is what allows me to create raw, full of emotion images that I love doing so much.


my approach

Spark notes version: CHIIILLLLL. Relax. I just want you to be yourself.

It’s my mission to capture you exactly as you are. I want our time together to leave you feeling refreshed. Whatever you need, I am here to help you. I’m in this to become your friend, because what better way to get to know each other and establish the trust you need for the person you’re going to spend 90% of your wedding day with. I hear it all of the time: “We’re just so awkward. We’re not models. We’re so nervous.” Weelllll, you’re in luck, because 1. I don’t ever work with professional models, and 2. DON’T BE. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my craft, because I’m awkward as can be and I know how it is. That’s the thing: I don’t want to just take “pretty” photographs of you, that really have no depth or meaning or emotion other than a fake smile. I want to capture your heart, the way you scrunch your nose when he tells that joke that’s so corny but it makes you laugh every time, the light smile when he hugs you extra tight, the way he admires you. I want to capture images that actually mean something. This season of your life, you never get it back. It may seem like its dragging, but it’s not; it’s fleeting. I want you to remember it for all that it is.