meet Holly

Hey, my name is Holly!
I am a photographer based out of Eastern NC. I specialize in weddings, big and small, and in-home portraiture. You deserve images that feel like you. Ones that remind you of the small things, the important things. I care about the messy, not perfect moments. That’s what makes my heart beat. I am most inspired by people who do not try to orchestrate every moment, but instead let it happen, embracing it for everything it is. 

When I am not hanging with my incredible clients, I am probably at home (hello, homebody) with my husband, Drew, and our four (yes, four) cats, Maggie, Goldie, Biggie Paws, and Boba. I am comprised of an intense love for Mexican cuisine, bread, good memes, and advocating for mental health awareness. My goal is to make everyone that comes in front of my camera feel loved and fully comfortable in their skin.